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Rewriting The Capsicum Story

Mr Ashok & Mrs. Shobha Handge, a farmer couple from a small village in Nashik district of Maharashtra started cultivating the capsicum crop with the consultation of Ekhande Group. They have been actively empowering others in their community by sharing the knowledge and experience they’ve gained. They are practicing methodology developed by our experts for capsicum cultivation.

Three years back the Hangde Family and their likes used to stringently rely in the safety of traditional crops like wheat, sugarcane and onion. While doing this they occasionally managed to get good profit out of it but other times they faced severe losses. With an experimenting spirit they turned towards capsicum and started cultivating it with traditional methods. They were getting a seemingly satisfactory yield out of it but the profit was nowhere good. Through references they got acquainted with Ekhande Group, and our experts guided them, catalyzing the spirit of doing more with limited resources.

The trust formed by learning everything about the advance cultivation techniques eventually inclined their interests to use Ekhande Agro Fertilizers Products as a source of quality consistent input. Ekhande Agro conducted consultations & farm visits from time to time throughout the life cycle of the crop. This January the couple harvested over 500 kg of high quality capsicum from only one acre on the weekly basis, compared to mere 300 kg they were producing before. The quality of fruit they cultivate now is extremely competitive and they are getting the best price in the market, higher than they could ever expect.

Ekhande Agro Fertilizers celebrates the Capsicum success story of Hangde Family and thanks her for making us a part of her inspiring journey.

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